Monday, June 28, 2010

The Hidden Agenda

It is well known that those who neglect the lessons of history are destined to repeat it. It seems the United States is determined to duplicate the high unemployment and stagnant economy of Europe. At the recent G-20 meeting in Toronto, President Obama was the lone voice advocating more government spending.

It seems that most of Europe has already figured out that government indebtedness is no path to prosperity and is trying to reverse their big-government spending practices. Of course once big-government social practices are in place, it is next to impossible to reverse them. Since history has shown what happens when big-government social policies are embraced, our governmental leaders must be seeking these same low-employment, stagnant economic outcomes for the United States despite their rhetoric.

President Obama’s not-so-hidden agenda is that he wants to make the United States more of a team player with the rest of the world. This was in fact one of his campaign promises. People wouldn’t have supported him so enthusiastically if they knew how he intended to accomplish his vision of a level playing field between nations.

President Obama reinforced his vision for a level playing field between nations at the G-20 meeting indicating that he sought to end the “undue advantage” some countries have over others in the global marketplace. Of course the context of this statement was that he wanted to create jobs and boost U.S. exports. I am not convinced that he really means it. If he did, he would stop pursuing a government tax and spend strategy which has never worked to grow jobs anywhere it has been tried.

Actions speak louder than words. Our President has been perpetrating the Big Lie that he wants to grow jobs, but what he does has actually had the opposite effect. These actions reinforce our President’s priority is to make the U.S. more of a team player in the world community of nations. To do that, he must shrink our economy. Adding taxes and regulations to businesses, growing our debt which causes inflation, and pursuing strategies designed to increase the price of oil all have a chilling effect on the economy.

The prophetic implication of President Obama’s strategy to shrink the economy of the United States is that this action helps set the stage for the worldwide government of the Antichrist. There can be no worldwide government if there is an economic superpower around to force its will on others. A level playing field of nations is necessary to make it easier for the coming G-10 to be, “of one mind, and… give their power and authority to the beast” (Revelation 17:13, NKJ).

If we are as close to the Rapture as the collective Tribulation stage-setting developments tend to indicate; I think it highly likely that there will be a second-dip recession. This will be necessary in the interests of not letting a good crisis go to waste for the government to take radical actions to crash our economy beyond repair. Of course, ultimately God is in control of our economy so when the U.S. suffers economic Armageddon, it’s purpose will be to shake us up from our materialistic ways. And it will also indicate the likelihood that the Tribulation preceded by the Rapture is coming soon. In fact, the Rapture would itself contribute to the severity of a serious economic crash.

The best way to be prepared for what is coming is to have an eternal perspective of what is going on in this world… “All things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28).

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