Friday, September 3, 2010

Political Predictions

I have not been regular about submitting blog articles which is a direct result of my getting caught-up in the busyness of life in these last days. But I had a conversation with a lady on a flight from Dallas that has prompted me to break my blog-drought. Things are still very busy for me but we should not let the things of this world distract us from why God put us here.

The lady I sat next to engaged me in conversation by commenting on how impressed she was with the battery life of my PC. But some how she bridged into politics and it quickly became clear that she was an Obama supporter. She was upset with Republicans because they were not working with the President and the majority party in Congress so things were not getting done. I did manage to point out that some things Congress wants to do shouldn’t get done. But for the most part I just asked polite questions and let her talk. I avoided a debate because I have found the liberal mind-set to be quite irrational and I didn’t want the discussion to escalate into something that gets reported on CNN (who just loves stories about air travel incidents).

I do regret not taking advantage of the opportunity to bridge to a more spiritual discussion. I need to be more prepared to do that which is the main reason I’m taking the time to make this blog post. There will be increasing opportunities to engage in politics-related conversations as we head into this election season. So the next time politics comes up in a conversation; I resolve to make a prediction…

The Republicans will sweep the elections this November giving a clear mandate from the public to reverse our trend toward socialism. But Obama will still be President and he will veto any initiatives the Republicans put forward to fix our problems. Thus nothing will reverse the path we are on and conservatives will be so disappointed in the Republicans that there will be a third party formed by the 2012 elections. This new party, maybe the Tea Party party, will divide the Republican vote so that Democrats will again be at the helm of government.

An increasing majority of people in this country believes that bigger government is the answer to our problems. They believe that despite all the evidence to the contrary. This just reinforces the trend of the world which is accelerating toward a global totalitarian government. The secular humanists who give God no credit for His provision will have a period of time to try things their way. This will result in what Jesus calls the Great Tribulation. Such a prediction is supported by a literal interpretation of the Bible which those who don’t know God despise. They will be shocked to learn that the Bible really is true and for many of them it will be too late for the God of the Bible to save them.

Now while bridging to spiritual matters from politics has the potential to escalate into an incident that gets reported on CNN, it is vastly more likely that it will just bring the conversation to a close. I’ve observed that when I’m talking to a liberal about politics, they are usually done talking to me when I bring up the spiritual implications of their view. But the Great Commission demands that we plant seeds of truth everywhere we go. It is worth it because some of these seeds will take root and grow.

Another reason we should take advantage of every opportunity God gives us to speak the truth about Him is that time is short. The Church may not even be around by the time of the 2012 elections. Knowing God’s grace, I wouldn’t be surprised if He delays His coming but don’t be deceived; the time is short… “I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work” (John 9:4, NKJ).