Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I only listened to a little talk radio yesterday on my drive home but both Michael Medved and Hugh Hewett addressed separate topics that were related in that the threat of lawsuits are beginning to strangle us.

Hugh Hewett focused on how the Senate was attacking the big pharmaceutical companies blaming them for causing heart attacks in diabetes patients. Hugh pointed out that this issue reveals that either the FDA was hopelessly incompetent or that the Senate was made up of fear mongering ideologues. Either way, it reveals that we are headed for a disaster if the government starts running health care. Previously Hugh has dealt with regulatory issues that have imposed onerous restrictions on any product that a child could potentially touch that have driven some companies out of business.

Michael Medved's guest was Philip K. Howard who wrote a book titled "Life Without Lawyers." A lot of the discussion centered about how the activity of the Obama administration promises to be a boon for trial lawyers. And how the uncertain regulatory atmosphere has contributed to slowing the recovery from the recession. It is interesting to note that Congress is mostly made up of lawyers and Obama himself is a former Law Professor. So don't expect tort reform to happen any time soon.

I certainly think our government's vision of imposing more and more laws on us is intended to stifle the growth of our economy and bring the United States down as an economic superpower. Our government leaders will not admit that but it is certainly part of Obama's vision to make the United States a good citizen of the world community of nations which will go along with the will of the larger global collective. This is necessary for there to be a one world government as the Bible tells us is coming.

We certainly see the spirit of the Antichrist in all these additional new laws, regulations and thousand-plus page bills that Congress does not read before they vote on them. Daniel 7:25 says the Antichrist, "shall intend to change times and law" (NKJ). We are certainly getting the change that Obama promised when he ran; but more and more people are figuring out that it is not quite the change that they had in mind. I expect people will have much the same experience when the Antichrist comes to power. All this foreshadows what will be much worse during the Tribulation. I'm glad I will not be here for that.

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