Thursday, February 25, 2010


I often cite aspects of President Obama's administration to show how close we are to the Lord's return. I've been accused of doing this too much but I just can't help it. We are living in amazing times and it is breathtaking that this country could put into power someone who is an ideologue like President Obama. And Obama is simply the most visible representative of the majority party leaders in Congress. While they disagree on the details, they all agree that more spending, more taxes, and more government is the solution to our problems.

President Obama proudly proclaimed before an assembly of Republicans that he was not an ideologue. The definition of ideologue is "an impractical idealist, theorist; an often blindly partisan advocate or adherent of a particular ideology." Obama is a liar; he is an ideologue. What else could it be when he presses forward with his Leftist Liberal ideas for health care reform when the public is clearly opposed to what is sure to drive costs up, reduce options and eventually result in rationing. He is doing this at a time when his priority should be to grow jobs. Indeed didn't he said his priority was jobs, jobs, jobs during his state of the union speech? Maybe I heard him wrong because I tend to take what he says with with a grain of salt anyway.

The Leftist ideology that Obama is pursuing with religious fervor is the belief that the government can solve all our problems. Thus more government is better than letting people make their own decisions. Stalin put this ideology to the test following WWII in Russia. He centralized all agricultural production in Soviet Russia putting family farms out of business rationalizing that large-scale operations are more efficient. But what he did away with was personal motivation to do well and the result was severe food shortages that caused millions to die of starvation. Don't think that couldn't happen here. Socialism is looming large today.

What is astonishing to me is that so few Americans even today recognize Obama for what he is. We are in denial that we could put such a radical ideologue into power. Some will scoff that Obama would ever rise to be like Stalin. But we are one serious crisis away from Obama and his comrades seizing even more power from the people. Remember the revealing comment not to let a good crisis go to waste? The White House is doing their best to bring on a crisis so that they can grab even more power.

Jesus said the Tribulation would be characterized by "false christs and false prophets [who] will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect" (Matthew 24:24, NKJ). When Obama represents himself as the one who knows best for the American people, this usurps the purview of God and makes him a false christ. Certainly the Tribulation will be a time of great deception but we are seeing a foreshadowing of that in our day. And we know, "evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived" (2 Tim 3:13). Many people are already deceived by our government and the consequences of that are rapidly approaching.

Thank God today's followers of Jesus will not have to go through the Tribulation; the foreshadowing of the Tribulation will be bad enough.

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