Monday, June 1, 2015


We are now seeing what happens when city police are attacked by the media and politicians with trumped-up charges of racism. The police in Baltimore have become afraid to do their jobs. The result is out of control lawlessness. Homicides have spiked in May with 36 to date which is directly correlated to police becoming more reactive rather than proactive in dealing with crime.

The pain the people of Baltimore are feeling has been fabricated by the progressive narrative that police officers generally oppress black people. Liberal activists cite arrest and incarceration statistics to support their claims. While it is not politically correct to point this out, statistics also show that crime is directly correlated to the break down of the traditional family. The progressive ideology that "It Takes a Village" to properly raise children perpetrates the idea that a traditional family is not necessary. Our government social programs have only made worse the break-down of the traditional family by taking away incentives to work and making it easier for a single parent to raise kids. These social programs have done more harm than help to the poor getting them hooked on the government "safety net" so that they remain a permanent dependant underclass. We are beginning to see the fruit of these failed programs in Baltimore.

The break-down of the family is a symptom of a serious spiritual problem. When people ignore God to pursue their selfish interests, they suffer consequences. Collectively, society suffers when godlessness saturates the culture snowballing the consequences to harm even more people. The humanist progressives do not even consider the spiritual component to these issues, they just see these problems as an opportunity to double down on their failed programs. They don't realize that they are the useful idiots of powerful malevolent spiritual forces seeking to control and destroy what God has created.

The progressive ideologues will not face the true source of the increasing lawlessness in Baltimore because they are not really interested in fixing the problem. Their charges of racism and systematic abuse by the police only serves to create a crisis that will give them an excuse to make reforms. As former Attorney General Eric Holder said that we should, "never let a good crisis go to waste," it is even better if you can create a crisis to make the changes you want.

The claim that police departments are systematically oppressing black people is a derivative of the larger narrative that the American system is unfair to minorities and needs to be fundamentally changed. This is lie that will give the ruling elite a reason to impose more centralized control over everyone in this country.  It is amazing that leftists are able to give voice to the lie that racism is an endemic problem in the United States. Our country is still the destination of choice for most people in the world who want to escape their oppressive governments.

Meanwhile, racism is growing in the world. A good example is South Africa which you'd think is one country that should have grown beyond it's colonial racist past. Racism is so bad there that South Africa's minority colonial descendants are appealing for the right to return to Europe. Progressives no doubt think these colonial descendants are only getting what they deserve suffering for the sins of their fathers.

If local police departments are systematically abusing minorities then the only solution is to put them under the authority of the federal government. This is consistent with President Obama's vision for a national police force. Baltimore is not the only city that is now blessed with federal government oversight of their police department. In the past five years, the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division has opened over 20 investigations into police departments, more than twice as many investigations than were opened in the previous five years. Is this because we have a racist police problem, or because we have a ruling elite who wants us to think we do? It is real hard to trust the ruling elite when it is so obvious to anyone who is not blinded by their leftist ideology that they lie to the public with impunity in order to advance their cause.

The spirit of Antichrist is growing stronger every day. It is increasingly more clear that God is removing His restraint of evil in this world and giving us over to rulers with a debased mind (Romans 1:28). Among the birth pangs Jesus gave us to watch for in Matthew 24 were increasing racism, wars, lawlessness, and wickedness which are all seen in the Baltimore crisis. As birth pangs, we can expect these problems in society to get worse until Jesus returns. Come soon Lord Jesus, this suffering world sorely needs You!

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