Monday, April 27, 2015


By now everyone has heard about the Hillary Clinton scandal where she used her influence as Secretary of State to help the Russians get access to U.S. uranium and was paid off via donations to her Clinton Foundation. Revelations of Bill and Hillary's financial chicanery has them scrambling to file amended federal income tax returns. If anything should end her presidential aspirations, this scandal should. But liberals are not known for taking responsibility so we will have to see.

What is more amazing than learning of yet another Clinton scandal is that the mainstream media is actually reporting this one. That can only mean the Left must have someone else in mind to represent them in the 2016 presidential election. The power brokers deciding what news stories get fed to the public must not think Hillary Clinton is far enough to the Left for them. Or maybe they think all her scandal baggage will catch up to her making her hard to elect in the face of such a diverse and appealing field of Republican candidates.

There was a time when helping the Russians get their hands on our fissionable material would be considered treason. Sure we are entering a shining new age of global cooperation and Russia is no longer considered an Evil Empire as President Reagan labeled them during the Cold War. But Russia is not acting like a cooperative participant in the global community of nations with their aspirations in the Ukraine and threatening us with nuclear war. Those with a biblical worldview know that Russia is the Magog of Ezekiel 38 who will invade the Middle East before Jesus returns so they are certainly not a nation that we should trust with materials to build more weapons of mass destruction.

Hillary Clinton is not the only treasonous official involved in helping the Russians acquire our uranium, President Obama had to approve it so he is as much at fault as she was. There is no indication that Obama got paid off as Hillary did though so maybe he is taking what passes as the moral high ground for public officials in this crazy age. But while Bill and Hillary were peddling their influence for cash, Obama did it to augment his reputation as a global power broker. Either way, they are both revealing a characteristic of the end-times when traitors will abound per 2 Timothy 2:1-4. 

If Hillary Clinton suffers any consequences for her pursuit of bribes, it will probably be the loss of support from the political Left. She will not be seen as treasonous because it is politically correct to overlook national belligerency in pursuit of the global utopia the Left lusts for and the Bible says will happen. But the Bible also says that no utopia will be realized under man's rule. Indeed, what we will have instead is "great tribulation" as Jesus said in Matthew 24:21.

History will probably reveal the corruption of President Obama to exceed that of the Clintons. We have a natural gas pipeline planned to go from the Permian Basin to Mexico through the pristine Chihuahuan desert wilderness of Texas' Big Bend region. Now why would the Federal Government support this pipeline when President Obama refuses to approve the Keystone Pipeline? Sure there are differences; import versus export, conservative Canada versus corrupt Mexico, and evil oil versus clean gas but both have an environmental impact.

I cannot help but think that the real reason Obama will not go forward with the Keystone Pipeline is not so much his desire to drive the price of oil up in support of his global warming agenda but that stonewalling it helps his benefactor Warren Buffett. The Obama administration is rife with cronyism. Where did all the TARP bail-out funds from the 2008 recession go but to pay off Obama supporters? As President Eisenhower would say, "beware the government-industrial complex."

Government corruption scandals are happening faster than the public can digest. And most people are not even aware of the scope of them. Unfortunately, things will get worse before they get better: "evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived" (2 Timothy 3:13). This world sorely needs Jesus Christ to return who will put an end to the unjust rule of man. All indications are that we are in the season of His return so we really don't have long to wait.

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