Monday, March 22, 2010

Drill Here, Drill Now

The Leftist authorities in control of the United States Government want to see our gas and diesel prices to go up. I'm convinced that the only thing keeping these prices at a tolerable level is the recession. Higher energy prices will put further pressure on the US economy which they are trying to radically restructure as part of a broad socialist agenda; health care reform is only the tip of the ice berg.

There is an interesting editorial pointing out that Russia has plans to explore for oil in the Gulf of Mexico while the US government is not allowing local companies to drill here. If our government really wanted to improve our economy, they would make oil exploration in our lands a priority. It would add jobs, improve the trade deficit, and make us less dependant on foreign oil.

Our Leftist government authorities continue to hold on to the Global Warming Dogma despite it now being widely discredited. The fear of Climate Change is the excuse for draconian policies that will only drive up energy costs. However, their real agenda is to force the United States economy to be more on-par with other nations in the world. This will make us more of a world community team player. And this is necessary for our nation's leaders to be "of one mind" with the other world leaders in order to "give their power and authority to the beast" (Revelation 17:13, NKJ). Cratering the US economy enables a world-wide government to emerge.

It is likely that the government authorities in power don't even know the full ramifications of their policies. The image of global elites meeting in dark, smoke-filled rooms conspiring to "spread the wealth around" is all too easy to visualize. But what I think we are seeing is God removing His restraining hand over evil on this world in preparation of turning it completely over to mankind during the Tribulation. Jesus referred to Satan as the "ruler of this world" for good reason; him and his minions are behind the scenes pulling the strings of the world rulers as "the rulers of the darkness of this age" (Ephesians 6:12).

I am praying that our Leftist government will not do so much damage to our economy that we can't reverse their evil ways when we boot out as many of them as possible this November. I know God's will be done; He is in ultimate control and is working from a Master Plan. It helps to remember that Jesus the Savior will return in perfect timing very soon.

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