Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Big Government Lies

It is obvious this week that the Houston area will experience a colder than normal winter. As I discussed this with coworkers over lunch, Global Warming came up as a natural adjunct to the weather topic. The consensus was that we don't know what to believe. On one hand you have the government, media, and scientists being paid by the government claiming that our Carbon Dioxide emissions will destroy life as we know it on earth. And then we have our common sense that gives us that nagging feeling that we are being lied to. The question posed to me was, "why would our government lie to us?"

Of course these are the kind of opportunities I live for so I launched into my mini speech that you really can't understand why the government would lie to us apart from a biblical perspective. The government's solution to global warming is essentially an excuse to "spread the wealth around" by bringing down wealthy nations like the United States while bolstering poor third world nations. The hidden agenda is to make the wealthy countries more cooperative in the world community of nations in order to realize their vision of a global government. The problems of climate change, the economy, and terrorism are perceived to be too big for any one nation to solve so a global government is seen by the elites as the solution. Since the Bible says we will have a global government before the Messiah returns, a biblical world views helps us understand these dynamics.

While I thought of it, I did not bring up the classic example of the Nazi government lying to their people. But I didn't have to, one of my coworkers offered this up himself. Hitler outlined the propaganda strategy of the "Big Lie" in his book "Mein Kampf." Big Lies are accepted by the public because they are so audacious that people will not believe their government would be so evil to deceive their own people in such a bold manner. I think that Global Warming is one of the Big Lies that is being foisted on us in order to realize the vision of a global government.

We don't like thinking of our government as being evil but the Bible makes it clear that all the world's governments are under the control of demons. Satan tempted Jesus by offering Him the kingdoms of the world for His worship (Matthew 4:8-9). This would not have been a valid temptation if it wasn't true that Satan had sufficient control of the kingdoms of the world to be able to offer them up. Jesus acknowledged that Satan was the "ruler of this world" in John 14:30. So the less government we have, the better off we'll be though the trend is toward bigger and bigger government.

Certainly some governments are more evil than others and there are some governmental leaders who personally follow Christ and are thus better equipped to resist the temptations of the Evil One. But even then the pressures of the office comes with the need to compromise in order to hold on to their power which insures that Satan still controls them to some extent. It is very true that in this world power does corrupt.

Just because we have an evil government, it doesn't mean our attention should be on resisting it. God has called each of us to prepare for eternity so our time is much better used being focused on our mission. God gives us the government we need to serve His purposes (see Romans 13:1). Indeed, the Lord raised up Hitler for a reason and one purpose most certainly was to bring the Jews back to the land of Israel. So we should pray, "for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence" (1 Timothy 2:1-2, NKJ).

Our government needs a lot more prayer than it is getting... pray that our leaders will have their hearts opened to Jesus Christ and will act with godly wisdom. And please vote with godly discernment for the lesser of the evils!

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