Thursday, November 12, 2009

Irrational Islam

In the wake of the Fort Hood mass murder by an Islamic Jihadist, most conservative commentators have pointed out the political correctness of our government and media toward Islam. For example, Jonah Goldberg noted that our government apparently has not learned the lesson of the need to "connect the dots" which should have prevented the 9-11-01 attack on the U.S.

Among the factors that cause people to have a politically correct attitude toward Islam is a post modern humanist world view. If you think all religions are equally valid, you have no problem with Islam. If you think that people are good by nature, there is no reason to suspect people with dubious behavior. If you think all cultures have inherent value, we should not condemn those who use terrorism to have their way. After all, survival of the fittest is a natural process of evolution; isn't it?

While these factors are all valid, I think the biggest cause of Islam being embraced as legitimate by the masses is an irrational mind. Romans 1:28 says, "even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting" (NKJ). Anyone with an unclouded mind looking critically at Islam should easily see that it is a very flawed...

Believing that the Qur’an is inspired by God is pretty irrational due to its many contradictions. This is such a problem that Muslims have a way of dealing with it called the Doctrine of Abrogation. In situations where Qur'an verses contradict one another, the early verses are considered to be overridden by the latter verses. The chronological timing in which a verse was written determines its authority to establish policies within Islam.

It has occurred to me that these contradictions may actually be as much by design as they are errors from a less-than-perfect person. Muslims cite early verses to convince non-Muslims they are peaceful; such deception to further the interests of Islam is actually a sanctioned practice within the religion. The Father of Lies (John 8:44) is a very crafty leader to have come up with a way to mask and even benefit from his own failings.

As more people in the world turn away from God, the more they will be given over to a debased mind to embrace Islam despite its irrationality. I have become convinced that Islam will be the official religion of the Antichrist and that the harlot "Mystery Babylon" of Revelation 17 refers to the religion he uses to enslave the masses. Given the growth of Islam and the political correctness associated with it among many other things, this interpretation fits better than any other alternative including the traditional view of regarding Mystery Babylon to be an apostate ecumenical form of Christianity.

Addressing the political correctness of Islam, Revelation 17:1-2 says, "the great harlot... with whom the kings of the earth committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth were made drunk with the wine of her fornication" (NKJ). As drunks do, those with a politically correct view of Islam make irrational self destructive decisions in the interests of appeasing Muslims.

Islamic drunkenness is sure to grow as we get closer to the Lord's return.

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