Monday, February 28, 2011

Global Warming Cult Alert

I was wondering how long it would take the Global Warming Faithful to consider nuclear winter as a solution the greenhouse effect. I just saw a report that NASA researchers have determined that the cooling effect of atmospheric dust and smoke from even a regional nuclear war could make a big impact on global warming.

Of course the NASA rocket scientists go on to say the negative effects of nuclear war out-weigh the benefits from a global warming perspective. It is chilling that they are even considering the pros and cons of there being a nuclear war. What was not mentioned in the article is another "benefit" of nuclear war from a global warming perspective; the culling of the human population and slowing or even reversing economic development. The most radical of the Global Warming Faithful consider mankind to be a blight on Mother Earth. Despite their hypocritical overtures, materialists who think that people are just evolved from animals really don't have much compassion for their fellow man when they think that we got to where we are by a survival of the fittest process.

Jesus said in Matthew 24:37, "as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be" (NKJ). Genesis 6:11 said that violence characterized the days of Noah. It is just a matter of time before this world sees wholesale slaughter due to weapons of mass destruction. There will be some who justify their use by thinking they are ultimately doing mankind a favor.

I have often thought what better time would there be for the rapture to take place then during the utter confusion and shock resulting from a nuclear exchange. Who would miss a few million born again believers when other millions have perished as a result of a nuclear war. Indeed, those who have no place for Jesus in their life will consider it serendipitous that the ones they consider to have been holding society back are gone.

I don't look forward to what is coming on the earth, but I do look forward to the Blessed Hope that will be in conjunction with it. Come soon Lord Jesus; this world sorely needs You.

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