Friday, August 6, 2010

Maturing Wheat

One benefit of the culture war is clarity as to where a person stands on their view of God as the Bible reveals Him. A good example of this is in Nevada U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle who is going up against incumbent and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Angle sees her campaign as a battle to stop Democrats in Washington who want to expand entitlement programs and "make government our God."

Reading public statement Angle has made makes it pretty clear she has a biblical world view and applies it in her life. This probably means that she doesn’t stand a chance against Reid because it is not politically correct to be a true Bible-believing Christian. However, people in Nevada are hurting worse than most from this recession and Reid has advocated policies that has made the recession worse than it needed to be. So this may be a good year for a Bible-believing Christian to run for public office after all. But enough editorializing…

Jesus told a parable about allowing the wheat and tares to growing up together in Matthew 13:24-30. The workers were told not to weed out the tares until the wheat was mature. The wheat represents the followers of Jesus and the tares are the imposters. I can’t help but think of mature wheat when I read about Sharron Angle so boldly proclaiming her faith. As the wheat and tares are maturing, it is getting easier to tell them apart.

The day is coming when the tares of the world will be uprooted and burned. Now is not a good time to be siding with the tares of the world.

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